Made it. 20 minutes to spare.

worldwar is my entry for Mini Jam 56. The game had to be done within 2 days. The theme was sky; additionally the game had to incorporate the two words warzone and doughnut. 

First things first. The controls.

Press enter (return) to start and restart the game. Press escape to quit.

Don't get hit by the incoming missiles. The game ends as soon as you've lost five orbs. Rotate your life force by using the left and right arrow keys or the left joystick on your controller. Dilate your life force using the up and down arrow keys or the right joystick on your controller.

For convenience you may invert the controls using the I key or the Y button on your controller.

Now. The concept.

The words sky and warzone are pretty self explanatory. For doughnut I strayed a little bit out of the box by choosing the shape of a doughnut as the main game element. That counts. Probably. The idea behind the game is one of initial misleading. What looks like shells dropping from the sky turn out to be lovely trees and the life force you are bleeding are actually lakes. 

There's two possible messages to take away, either 

  • nature will outlive all of our conflicts, or 
  • we're bombing ourselves back into the bronze age.

It's up to you to interpret it however you see fit.

Please feel free to comment/rant/provide feedback as you see fit. Also, the code is available on Github.

Cheers. Daniel out.


Noise pattern used as base for the life orbs. Background music by Kai Engel.


Download 25 MB

Development log


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Pretty deep for a game jam title :)

2 orbs isn't a doughnut either...

Fair enough. I'll try and sneak it past regulations anyway :)

Wait maybe the orbs are donut HOLES? :O

This game has awesome graphics, wonderful music, and really unique gameplay! I really liked it :) the only thing that I can give constructive criticism on is that the missiles started out a little too fast for me. It would be great if the player had a little more breathing space to learn. Otherwise fantastic job!!

Thank you so much. You are 100% right. I'll upload version 1.1 next weekend after the gamejam rating is done.


No problem! I'll keep my eye out :D


I really liked the idea and the graphics. Good job!

Thank you :)


The hitbox for the lazer is a little unpredictable, but the game is absolutely gorgeous

Agree! I absolutely love the music!

Thanks, though I can't take credit for that. Check out Kai Engel's youtube channel. He's got a lot of epic creative commons.

Thank you. Yes, I kinda ran out of time by the end and introduced that issue with my sloppiness ^^  I'll upload version 1.1 next weekend after the gamejam rating is done.